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Alcohol Detox Centers For Women

March 1, 2021 | Health | No Comments

Substance Abuse and Women

The main reasons for specialized female alcohol detox centers is abuse tends to be much different than for men. Societal expectations, for instance, play an oversize role, where, by comparison, men face peer pressure in connection with alcohol addiction.

Physiological responses are also different. For example, women who abuse MDMA, which include drugs such as ecstasy, are more prone to experiencing intense hallucinations in comparison to men, who instead face spikes in blood pressure.

When it involves abuse of alcohol, women tend to experience panic attacks and other types of anxiety disorders in comparison to men. 

Alcohol Detox is the first and most important step in recovery. It is based on the idea that you need to flush the alcohol from your system. But a good question is, when do you know it’s time to seek help from an alcohol detox center? 

Some of the symptoms of physical dependence on alcohol are subtle, but they can include: 

  • Irritability, hostility, anger
  • Difficulties at work or school
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Restlessness or anxiety
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of motivation

At NPAC, a top rated Alcohol Detox center, we take an evidence-based approach to understand your unique challenges and to design a carefully constructed treatment program that sets the stage for the next phase of treatment.

What to Expect from a Women’s Alcohol Detox Center

No two people suffering from addiction are the same. But there is a common approach and experience to detox that you can count on, whether man or woman.

Detox begins with a careful medical and psychological evaluation. Clinical professionals need to know your substance abuse history to help you most effectively. They may also do blood work.

Then the hard work begins. Detox takes place in an inpatient basis — the more severe cases tend to require a stay in residential alcohol detox, while others can be approached through visits to your doctor’s office.

The purpose of alcohol detox is simple: It’s to provide you with the medical care and support you need to withstand the withdrawal symptoms. When you stop drinking, when you stop using, your body has something to say about it. Detox assists in keeping those impacts to the minimum.

Following detox, depending on your situation, you can expect to enter a period of individual or group counseling, followed by a period of aftercare, which is aimed at reducing the risk of relapse.

The professionals at our women’s alcohol detox center are experienced and caring. Our approach is based on the best medical evidence, with a sole goal: to return you to sobriety as quickly as possible.  

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